To a blogger a sidebar is that list of links and other items running down the side of a web page — like the one to the right, for example.  But to a trial lawyer, “sidebar” means a legal discussion between counsel and the judge that takes place at the judge’s bench; a chance to convince the court that yours is the better legal argument.  In the spirit of such legal debates, the blog Sidebars examines current issues concerning white collar crime and federal criminal law.

The author, Randall D. Eliason, is a law professor, writer and commentator on corporate and white collar criminal law.  He is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, where he served as Chief of the Public Corruption/Government Fraud section. His writings on federal criminal law have appeared in scholarly journals, legal periodicals, and newspapers such as The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. Media appearances include PBS’s Frontline, NBC Nightly News, NPR’s Morning Edition, CNN, MSNBC, HBO, and CNBC.

Professor Eliason currently teaches White Collar Criminal Law at George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC. He also has taught at American University, Washington College of Law and the Georgetown University Law Center.  He has guest lectured on White Collar Crime at Harvard Law School, taught at the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute, and is a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

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